We are C. N. Hubbarde & A. R. Arvelo McQuaig and this is a website for our label/club/company. Deep Madder happened in 2007 because, after encountering the pains of life and love, we found a binding friendship in each other based in our mutual propensity to feel lonely, unloved, and socially irrelevant. We wanted to create things like music and zines that would provide catharsis to ourselves and others who suffer from our particular alienation and sensibilities, so we began this thing we called Deep Madder in order for our creations to be unified under one conceptual umbrella. Now we produce a monthly zine, podcast, and musical recordings. Our aim is to promote and document our sort of sensitive subjectivity and bring people closer to provide some warmth in a cold world. We want to let you know you are not alone in feeling alone. This is a production club for shy, sensitive, and curious freaks who don't fit in anywhere else.

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